Definitions for "Headlines"
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Headlines is a Java application which "pulls" news from various sites. New sites can be added using the plugin architecture.
Headlines is a Java application that downloads news from various sites. Different sites are supported using plugins. The news headlines are displayed in a tree structure. You can open the articles in your browser, or mail the link to your friends.
a bi-weekly online news board that tells you what is new in CHFA
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an irregular publication, which attempts to fill the void of communication in the American Judo community
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Headlines was Flash and the Pan's 1982 album and contained the UK hit single "Waiting For A Train" which reached No. 7 in the charts in May 1983.
A number of researchers into print advertisements report that the picture, headline, copy are important in that order. The reader first notices the picture, & it must be strong enough to draw attention. Then the headline must propel the person to read the copy. The copy must be well composed.
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The titles of your articles, usually in larger type.