Definitions for "RSS Feed"
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Really Simple Syndication - A system which allows you to identify the web content you like and have it delivered directly to you, via a news reader. For more information, see this BBC resource. Return to the index
Stands for Really Simple Syndication. A technology which easily distributes a list of headlines, update notices, and content to a wide number of people. Applications on the users computer organize those headlines and notices for easy reading and accessing.
a bit of XML that allows your blog to push content to RSS readers
an excellent tutorial by Danny Sullivan of SearchEngine Watch on how to create your own feed
an file formatted to be simply understandable by computers
a snapshot of a location, the transport protocol used to access the location, and the format in which date from that location is transmitted
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a thing of pure beauty
an implementation of this technology with a particular focus
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a good idea though
a stripped-down version of your recent entries
Keywords:  aware, read, standard, program, set
a set standard that can be read by an RSS-Aware program
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a program that people can subscribe to
Keywords:  dynamically, generated
a dynamically generated
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a little more involved
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a url with a piece of code