Definitions for "Tagging"
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Usually Part-of-Speech (POS) tagging, or grammatical tagging, the most common form of corpus annotation. Essentially, it involves marking each word in a corpus with a grammatical label.
like labelling, is the process whereby an individual is negatively defined by agencies of justice.
The assigning of keywords to online content to help users search that content more effectively. Because it's human based it ‘hopefully' means that the content descriptions are more relevant and trustworthy that algorithmic based results. It will only be effective if a critical mass of content is tagged. Key proponents of tagging are and See also User Generated Content.
Phosphor material on stamps used to activate automatic mail-handling equipment. This may be lines, bars, letters, part of the design area or the entire stamp surface. The tagging may also permeate the stamp paper. Some stamps are issued both with and without tagging. Catalogues describe them as tagged or untagged.
see Phosphor Tagging.
A chemical substance applied to a stamp which activates automative cancellation machines.
a commonly used tool for characterizing and localizing yeast NPC proteins (nucleoporins)
An organizational system for information which involves characterizing documents according to a group of terms (tags) which represent the content of the document. Used by many social networking and organization tools such as Technorati or Edgeio.
Loose, granular, gritty particles of worn or disintegrated rock that is finer than gravel and coarser than dust.
or Tags - Refers to any manufacturer or team applied tags affixed to the jersey and may include: Care tag – tag applied by manufacturer denoting proper laundering and care instructions. May sometimes be incorporated into manufacturer's tag Flag Tag - Small tag used to denote size, length modifications, material or other manufacturing coding Manufacturer's tag - Usually include the manufacturer's name and/or logo and often a licensing statement and/or care and cleaning instructions; most often located on the front tail of the jersey. Size tag - May be a separate tag and is sometimes integrated into the manufacturer's tag. Year tag - First used (by the Broncos) in 1993; May be manufacturer or team applied; may be included on the manufacturer's or size tags. Team-Issued - A jersey ordered by the team and intended for game use, but not worn or used. Generally these are "stock" jerseys and may not have had player's name applied and will not have any custom alterations. Sometimes referred to as "game-issued".
Adding tags (descriptive markups) to document data.
The process of placing your Yahoo! Search Marketing tag(s) on your Web site. For Conversion Counter, a tag is inserted into the Order Confirmation page only. For Marketing Console, Universal Tags are added to each page built in the Store Editor, Shopper Tags are added to all Checkout Pages except the Order Confirmation page, and Conversion Tags are added to the Order Confirmation page.
(1) Process of adding information to a list; (2) transfer of data or control information for usage and unduplication.
A Tag or Mark is used to distinguish lower priority cells from higher or guaranteed cells in the same data flow. CLP=0 cells when tagged become CLP=1 cells.
marking or attaching a tag to an animal so that it can be identified when recaptured; used to study fish growth, movement, migration, stock structure and size (see also archival tag).
marking of an organism or group of organisms to enable recognition and tracking of individuals over given periods of time
The process of associating a source profile with a document and can be achieved either by 'assigning' a profile within an application or embedding a profile as you save it.
a powerful general method for profiling gene expression in specific tissues and for identifying tissue-specific genes
the process or result of assigning tags.
Lenth of time available on a television or radio ad for sponsor identification/tag.
A legally required, plastic tag, clipped in the animalâ€(tm)s ear for identification.
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The practice of shearing wool on udder and dock region.
The act of writing graffiti, a tag is often an artist's name or visual trademark.
Written in one colour, a tag is usually done with curves and letter deformations.
A price or informational sign that highlights an item.
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to add ID3 tags to music files.
The system used to identify university equipment.
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