Definitions for "blog"
blog is an interface for managing a multi-topic blog . Its easy interface allows users to quickly create journals with several topics, all of which are concurrently accessible. It could also be used to create a categorized FAQ or a press rele
An extension of the personal Website consisting of regular journal-like entries posted on a Webpage for public viewing. Blogs usually contain links to other Websites along with the thoughts, comments, and personality of the blog's creator.
A Blog serves the purpose of publicizing a journal on the web. With continuous effort of adding new content to the page, you receive the name as a 'blogger'. Many web logs are updated daily or weekly and allow people to read your research, ideas or whatever else might be of interest.
Style of content presentation within Joomla!, displaying some or all content items in a certain section or category. The tile may appear as a link or both the title and the introductory text, with a Read More link displayed. Often the News page is written in Blog style.
A Blog style within Joomla is a listing of some or all Content Items in a certain section or category. Only the title of the Content Item, an introductory text and a Read More link can show up. It could be by link only, or showing just the introductory text with a link to the complete text. Often the "News" page is written in Blog style.
I wonder about the wording for a blog being a "listing of records". I suggest replacing this with a "listing of all Content Items in a certain section or category"? The blue 'I' help links on the add menu item page uses the term "content items" to describe each blog option. I think I see what you're trying to do with the definition of Record but my vote would be for consistency, unless there is some type of Blog use in Mambo that doesn't rely on Content Items that I'm unable to think of.
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Depression in Primary Care - Story of a PhD
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Photos from the Blog section.
an easy way to create a personal page where add experiences, news, photos.
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IP address