Definitions for "Portals"
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A website who's primary purpose is to lead users to other websites. These gateways can be general like Yahoo!, or specific like FirstGov for US goverment information.
Portal sites are sites that want you to use them as your start page whenever you start up your browser. Many of the older search emgines (My Yahoo, My Excite etc) are becoming portal sites. Other companies are setting up sites (e.g. is a growing portal site helped along by the "My Netscape" button added to later copies of their popular browser) To attract you to use them they will offer free (sometimes web-based) email access, free web space, bookmark management as well as useful directory and search services. In return you get to read all the adverts they display. Advertising has proved to be the first big money spinner on the web for sites that can attract large enough traffic.
web sites designed to offer a variety of Internet services from a single convenient location. The goal of the portal is to be designated as your browser's start-up page. Most portals offer certain free services such as: a search engine; local, national and worldwide news, sports and weather; references such as Yellow Pages and maps; shopping malls; email and chat rooms. (pp. 68, 271)
IN TRANSITION FROM SANDIAPORTALS. NOTHING IS HERE YET. The Portals software provides a flexible message passing API, accessible from user mode applications or from OS kernels. Implementations exist for IP, Myrinet and Elan on Linux.
Polygons that once passed thru, automatically load a new world or execute a user-defined function.
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This covered porch, often running the entire length of the building or between two wings, is supported by vertical posts, often topped with corbels or zapatas. Vigas or milled beams provide the top structure, extending from the side walls of the main structure. In historical times, the top of the portal was finished like the roof of a room or covered with cut branches, easily removed in the winter to allow more sun to be absorbed by the building's walls.
Instantaneous magickal pathways between disjoint locations. See Portals.
a single website that provides access to multiple applications, information, and content
Small stab incisions to allow access into a joint for minimally invasive surgery.
Windows on a zooming work surface which can be used to bring distant regions close, to give simultaneous views at multiple scales, or, when given special active functionality, to create Magic lenses.