Definitions for "Search engines"
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Internet search engines are sites that maintain an index of other web sites obtained by "robots" or "spiders" (computer programs) that search the Internet. Some robots only index the main page of an web site while others index every page of every site they encounter. Even the largest search engines, such as Google and Altavista, cannot keep up with the explosive growth of the Internet, so it may be necessary to try several when looking for specific information. A good starting place for doing this is the Libraries Internet Search Engines page.
tools that help you navigate databases to locate information; search engines respond to a key word search by providing the user with a directory of multiple Web pages about the key word or containing the key word
Search engines are databases that catalog Web pages and lets you search for Web pages. Popular search engines include Yahoo, Infoseek, Lycos, Alta Vista, Excite, and Hotbot.
Clusty KartOO LexisNexis Truveo Vivisimo Wayback Machine ZabaSearch
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ASSP device that searches a table
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a development of ask jeeves)
Programs that search for information on the World Wide Web based upon user-defined parameters.Separator Command. A HTML command type which separates sections of the document and does not require a beginning and ending tag.Server. provides information to clients. Most networks are client-server based.
a program that searches documents (i