Definitions for "Inktomi"
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This is how Inktomi describe themselves on their website: "Based in Foster City, Calif., Inktomi is the leading provider of OEM Web search and paid inclusion services. A pioneer in Web search technology, Inktomi provides millions of users worldwide with the freshest and most relevant search experience, and ensures that thousands of online retailers have their content constantly represented. The company's customers and partners include, eBay, Lycos/HotBot, MSN, Overture and" Inktomi was acquired by in 2003.
search syndication service located at
a database used to power multiple search engines. Keyword/Keyphrase – words or phrases used to perform search queries. SEOs spend large amounts of time optimizing sites for specific keywords or keyphrases to improve the likelihood of making it to a top position for a search queue.
See Main Definition: Verity Ultraseek Inktomi briefly owned Ultraseek. They bought it from Infoseek and then eventually sold it to Verity
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