Definitions for "MSN"
Marine Shipping Notice
Medicare Summary Notice. The notice you get in the mail from Medicare after getting medical services from a doctor, hospital or other health care provider. It tells you what the provider billed Medicare, Medicare's approved amount, the amount Medicare paid, and what you have to pay. The MSN is not a bill. ( See also Explanation of Medicare Benefits (EOMB).)
report sent to beneficiaries indicating what claims have been submitted and how these claims were processed.
Master of Nursing Science
Master of Science in Nursing. Master's degree programs prepare nurses for more independent roles such as Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse-Midwife, Nurse Anesthetist, or Nurse Psychotherapist. MasterĂ¢â‚¬(tm)s-prepared nurses serve as expert clinicians, in faculty roles, and as specialists in geriatrics, community health, administration, nursing management, and other areas.
Master of Science in Nursing, Midwife OR Nurse Practitioner
Microsoft Say No
Microsoft's online service, launched in 1995. It offers Internet access, Web content and related services
MSN is a Portal website owned by Microsoft. It offers a search facillity, web based email, shopping and news.
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Mobile Service Number means a number, other than an analogue AMPS number, that has been allocated under the Numbering Plan to a CSP for the provision of a PMTS. Although all allocated MSNs used for a PMTS are portable, the customer can port only those numbers issued to the customer.
Mechanical serial number.
Unlike a normal telephone connection, an ISDN connection can have more than one telephone number - each of these is called an MSN (Multiple Subscriber Number).
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Midsomer Norton
Ions are sorted according to their mass/charge ratio, then fragmented (see CID) and a mass spectrum of the fragments is measured. This is known as MS/MS or MS2. These fragments may themselves be sorted, and fragmented again, and so on, in n sequential steps of mass spectrometry, hence the terminology MSn.
UW-Madison is assigned to graduate students whose graduate degree was retroactively granted for the previous term while enrolled the current term. As they are not pursuing another degree, but are doing graduate level work they are allowed to continue the current term without a degree program or plan. Without a degree program, they cannot be associated with a specific school or college.
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Micro$oft Network
MS Network Document or Descent Mission File
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search engine located at
a search engine
One of the top 5 search engines.