Definitions for "Assignment"
A transfer of title or interest by writing, as of lease, bond, note, or bill of exchange; a transfer of the whole of some particular estate or interest in lands.
The writing by which an interest is transferred.
The transfer of the property of a bankrupt to certain persons called assignees, in whom it is vested for the benefit of creditors.
Is an Automated Teller Machine. It also refers to an At-the-Money option.
Notice to an option writer (seller) that the holder (buyer) has exercised his option and the writer will be required to sell (in the case of a call) or purchase (in the case of a put) the underlying security at the specified strike price. See the explanation of options trading for more complete information on options.
an article the publisher or editor has assigned to a writer for an agreed upon fee.
An agreement you sign that allows your insurance to pay the doctor or hospital directly.
An authorization to pay Medicare benefits directly to the provider. Medicare payments may be assigned to participating providers only.
The term used to refer to a physician's decision to accept Medicare's allowed charge.
association of a value with a variable.
Replace the value of a variable.
giving a value to a variable. This is done with a special symbol called an assignment operator. In many languages, the assignment is the equal sign (=).
A task set by an Assessor to check a candidate's performance or underpinning knowledge where it is not clearly demonstrated by other evidence. Assignments may be written (like essays) or practical.
A task or project for students to complete, such as a quiz or an essay
Any piece of work, such as an essay, which a student must complete and submit by a specified time for marking and grading.
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See Work-for-hire
A shoot for which talent is hired.
A job for which a talent is hired. Also called a booking.
An allotting or an appointment to a particular person or use; or for a particular time, as of a cause or causes in court.
The placement of a person into a position within a Job Family.
Made by insolvent persons who assign all their property to a trustee for the benefit of their creditors.
the system by which convicts were assigned by the Government as free labour to settlers, emancipated convicts or sometimes their (free) wives
For the Arithmetic path it is a group of 1 to 9 worksheets assigned to a student or trainee for completion. For Typing and Spreadsheet paths it is a single document with a name and instructions.
"Act of assigning, or a document by which something is assigned." Dukelow
a task that a learner carries out to produce evidence which can be assessed against the Assessment Standards. Assignments are usually set by the teacher but may be developed by learners in consultation with the teacher.
Lessons, labs, or projects or other course deliverable that can be assigned to the learners to complete on their own, without instructional assistance.
assignment - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
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When you are given a game to do, it is also referred to as an assignment. Assignments will include the time and place where a game is to be played. By accepting an assignment, you are agreeing to referee the match.
As a noun, it identifies the relationship between a specific Match Position and a Referee. As a verb, it refers to the steps and actions necessary to create the relationship between a specific Match Position and a Referee.
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the establishment, according to allocation tables, of a specific frequency for use at a particular station and under specific operating conditions. ATFES Army Tactical Frequency Engineering System
Syn: allocation.
Appointing someone to do something. Usually for: Cases - when the court uses a calendar to give (or "assign") cases to judges; Lawyers - when the Court appoints a lawyer to represent juveniles, conservatees, or poor defendants; and Judges - when judges are sent (or "assigned") to different courts to fill in while other judges are on vacation, sick, etc., or to help with cases in a court.
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A story given a reporter to cover or write.
The task or story a reporter must cover.
A story a reporter is detailed to cover
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A piece of writing that has been assigned to you. Unlike writing you do "on spec," you can almost always expect to get paid for an assignment.
When you see the icon, write down the question and provide an answer in your note book.
Assignment occurs when the casualty insurer providing the settlement money cannot or will not own your structure. Should this happen, a separate insurer will step in to own your structure, which allows you to receive your payments tax free. This process releases the casualty insurer from the ongoing liability for the structure payments, because this liability is taken on by the new insurer. You still require the consent of the casualty insurer to have a structure.
An assignment is a linear combination of elements, components, and scalars. Each assignment is known by an identifier.
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Assignment (of Copyright)
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this is the same thing as a booking or modeling job whereby a model is paid for services performed - runway, print, trade shows and other types of employment associated with modeling.
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The legal giving over of the security from receivables by the client to either his bank or to the factor.
legal department
the legal process whereby the factoring company gains ownership of the money due from their clients' invoice.
The process of deploying a template to a class to collect survey results during a particular date range.
1) assigning a Buyer 2) assigning a Vendor(s) to a requisition/purchase order.
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out-of-class work required by a professor, due by a specified date
Work produced by students and used by instructors for purposes of interaction and also evaluation.
The process by which the responsibility for taking the next action for managing and resolving a customer service request is designated to a specific individual, function, or organisation. Typically, the Service Desk/Help Desk or Customer Support Centre continues to monitor the service request and tracks it until the request is closed.
The process of specifying who will receive feedback (subjects), who will give it (respondents) and the relationship of respondents to each subject.
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The location and job the volunteer is placed in.
Your lender will take an assignment over your plan when the loan is drawn. This ensures that should anything happen to you the benefits are paid to lender immediately to repay your mortgage.
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See Wage Assignment.
A specification of truth-values to sentence letters, e.g. P is T, Q is F, etc.
The act of assigning or granting permission to a user, for example, granting a Staff Member Internet Publishing permission.
definite OK to take photos for a specific client with mutual understanding as to the provisions and terms involved.
the examined part of a course or module, distributed at the end of the teaching week.
The work teachers expect students to do for each class, usually to be turned in for grading.
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See Random assignment.
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The article is about assignment in mathematical logic; for other uses, see Assignment
A receipt that states a security is to be sold at the specified price.
The specification of an identified parameter in a component.
Instruction to a reporter to cover an event.
An activity to be performed. If this activity is related to a goal (i.e. linked with the goal), the individual's performance in relation to the goal can be rated.
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See commission.
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See "Qualified Assignment"
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See definition for site assignment.
A position to which an individual is given responsibility.