Definitions for "Medicare Managed Care Plan"
A health plan (like an HMO or PPO) that is offered by a private insurance company and available in some parts of the country. In most plans, you can only go to doctors, specialists or hospitals in the plan's network. The plan covers the same benefits as the Original Medicare Plan and may cover extras, like prescription drugs.
Generally, a Medicare plan which permits you to go to specific doctors, specialists, and hospitals on the plan's list. Medicare Managed Care Plans must cover all Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) health care. The plan may or may not cover extras, like prescriptions.
A managed care plan such as an HMO or PPO that contracts with Medicare to enroll Medicare beneficiaries. Services must be obtained from the managed care plan's network of doctors and hospitals to receive full plan benefits. The managed care plan may charge a monthly premium and require copayments.