Definitions for "Exclusive Provider Organization"
Keywords:  epo, ppo, hmo, reimbursed, altogether
A form of PPO, in which patients must visit a caregiver who is on its panel of providers. If a visit to an outside provider is made, the EPO will offer limited or no coverage for the office or hospital visit.
EPO EPO is an insured product marketed by health insurance companies as a variation of a PPO product, usually with a more limited provider network. In most EPO's, members choose a Primary Care Provider who is responsible for coordinating care, and members must use the EPO limited network to obtain maximum benefits. If a member chooses to go outside the EPO network, the services may not be paid or may be paid only at a lesser benefit level.
A prepaid medical group plan that provides a predetermined medical care benefit package. EPO is the acronym used by a plan that is self insured.