Definitions for "PSO"
A type of managed care plan that is very similar to an HMO, except that it is operated by a group of doctors and hospitals. This plan is not available in most parts of the country.
Provider Sponsored Organization. Entity designed to capture covered lives through the integration of select hospital and physician providers across the entire continuum of care. Capable of accepting global capitation risk for Medicare beneficiaries through a direct contract with HCFA and able to provide 90% of care within the contracted entities. Requires state and/or federal approval similar to HMO licensing requirements. uality – The features of a product or service that are assessed on its ability to satisfy the stated or implied needs of the user, or consumer.
Entities established and operated by health care providers in which the substantial proportion of services are delivered through the sponsoring providers or affiliated providers.   The BBA includes PSOs as a type coordinated care plan.
Programme Support Office
Parking Services Officer – These men and women work within the Enforcement area of the department and are charged with responsibilities that the department feels necessary to accomplish their portion of the department’s mission. Their duties often include, but are not limited to, citing vehicles, the relocation of vehicles, and the direction of traffic.
Planning Support Office
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is a Phone Sex Operator or Fantasy Artist.
International Peace and Security Operation
Partner Services and Operations
Product Stewardship Arrangements for Waste Oil
A unit within a hardware or software vendor that offers professional services to the vendor's customers. Usually, these services focus on the implementation, maintenance or management of the vendor's products.
Public Service Obligation