Definitions for "Health plan"
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An HMO, PCCM or other entity contracted with the state to arrange for health care services under the managed care setting.
This refers to any kind of plan that covers health care services such as HMOs, insured plans, preferred provider organizations, etc.
A health-care-service contractor or health-maintenance organization. Commonly used interchangeably with the term insurance company.
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This term is used to refer to one or more of the following MAMSI subsidiaries: MD-Individual Practice Association, Inc. (MD IPA), Optimum Choice, Inc. (OCI), Optimum Choice of the Carolinas, Inc. (OCCI) and MAMSI Life and Health Insurance Company (MLH).
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See Part II, 45 CFR 160.103.
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states a child's health needs and how they are to be met
A separate organization that covers the cost of most medical treatments. It can be provided for a group or individual.