Definitions for "Point of Service"
An additional, mandatory supplemental, or optional supplemental benefit that allows the enrollee the option of receiving specified services outside of the plan's provider network.
A form of health insurance also referred to as open-ended managed care, which permits the insured to select providers outside the plan.
A health plan that allows the insured to choose between HMO benefits and providers and PPO benefits and providers at the time the service is selected. Requires the insured to be more knowledgeable of and responsible for decisions of choice.
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A serve that results in a point (an ace by NCAA standards) as the serve is not returnable due to a bad pass by the receiver, this number includes aces.
a location in Canada other than a branch, where a bank carries on business and an individual can open or initiate the opening of a personal account (automated banking machines and other non-staffed locations do not apply)
Merchant location where the cardholder agrees the transaction takes place.
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The time and place of the delivery of a service.
Location where transaction is originated.