Definitions for "automated"
accomplished by machinary without the intervention of a human operator; -- of processes.
re positioning Treatment of canalithiasis (BPPV) or cupulolithiasis by repositioning of abnormal labyrinthine densities with an automated positioning apparatus. Ideally this is accomplished with equipment that has a 360-degree range in any axis and an IR video system to monitor and record nystagmus during the procedure. This is the most effective method for treating difficult cases of BPPV and variants.
operated by automation; "an automated stoker"
Automated conferencing service which allows callers to connect directly to the conference without Operator assistance; all conference lines are interactive for the entire meeting. These calls require a conference Reservation.
No operator required to perform conference functions.
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a process which is controlled by machine and/or computer
"Automated" just refers to a process which may once have been performed manually but has been altered in some way which allows a machine or computer to either wholly or partially manipulate the process to save time. E.g. an "Automated Pro-Forma" is an online form which is displayed to the user one screen at a time.
a system where machines handle and control the processing from raw materials to the finished product.
A fusion method that requires no user assistance.
Refers to circulation records and catalog records stored in a computer database.