Definitions for "Assistance"
The act of assisting; help; aid; furtherance; succor; support.
The provision by an insurer or a service company of immediate practical help to resolve an insured problem (e.g. arranging medical treatment abroad/organising a roadside repair).
Examples of areas in which the EU provides for assistance to its citizens are access to help from any EU embassy while outside the EU and legal aid in cross-border litigation. (See EU citizenship, judicial-civil)
a necessary component of maintaining solvency of the OANP
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An assistant or helper; a body of helpers.
In the definition of federal domestic assistance, refers to the transfer of money, property, services, or anything of value, the principal purpose of which is to accomplish a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by federal statute.
Support, financial or otherwise, given to an individual or organisation to support and further their activities.
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