Definitions for "EAP"
Employee Assistance Programs. Workplace programs designed to help identify, educate, rehabilitate, and return the physically or emotionally impaired individual to the job. These programs may include helping employees gain access to health, legal and social services and to control specific conditions (e.g., chemical dependency, gambling, hypertension, stress, etc.).
Employee Assistance Programs. Provide coverage for an employee to receive counseling without having to be off work.
Educational Assistance Program. The EAP is a program for the school districts with the most severe academic challenges. These are the districts with at least one building that did not make school-wide Adequate Yearly Progress targets in reading or math.
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Extensible Authentication Protocol. An optional IEEE 802.1x security feature ideal for organizations with a large user base and access to an EAP-enabled Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server.
extensible authentication protocol - a protocol used between a user station and an authenticator or authentication server. It acts as a transport for authentication methods or types. It, in turn may be encapsulated in other protocols, such as 802.1x and RADIUS.
(Extensible Authentication Protocol) is a point-to-point protocol extension used under the 802.1x framework that provides support for additional authentication methods within PPP. See also: LEAP, EAP-FAST EAP-FAST
English for Academic Purposes (EAP), an English Language Course taught at the English Language Centre (ELC).
College credit English as a second language courses for non-native speakers of English.
College-preparatory and college-level courses in English as a Second Language for Academic Purposes taught for non-native speakers of English.
Estimated adjust price. Estimates on what a stock will adjust to after its opening weekend. GFB (abreviation): Greasy Fanboy, one whose enthusiasm for something goes beyond that of the average person or anyone who buys stock based on what they are a fan of rather than what will make money. Hollywood Hostel: A fansite
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Etage Accélérateur à Poudre - see booster
Ecotech Action Plan Ecotech Action Plan. A tool to track individual and collective efforts in economic and technical cooperation.
U.S. agency that ensures: Federal environmental laws are implemented and enforced effectively; U.S. policy--both foreign and domestic--fosters the integration of economic development and environmental protection so that economic growth can be sustained over the long term; public and private decisions affecting energy, transportation, agriculture, industry, international trade, and natural resources fully integrate considerations of environmental quality; national efforts to reduce environmental risk are based on the best available scientific information communicated clearly to the public; everyone in our society recognizes the value of preventing pollution before it is created; people have the information and incentives they need to make environmentally-responsible choices in their daily lives; and schools and community institutions promote environmental stewardship as a national ethic.
Ecoregional action plan
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East Asia and Pacific
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Economically active population