Definitions for "SSH"
Keywords:  telnet, rsh, rlogin, insecure, ecure
Secure SHell. An application similar to telnet, but the traffic it passes over the network is encrypted. This prevents eavesdropping on passwords and other sensitive data.
Encrypted remote terminal RSA, Diffie-Hellman, DES, Triple-DES, Blowfish, and others Telnet encryption and login, Confidentiality, authentication
Secure SHell - A way to access another machine. Data is sent encrypted between the machines making it hard to grab information like passwords.
Seasonal Salmonid Habitat. designates Lake Erie tributaries and embayments that support significant recreational lake-run salmonid fisheries from October through May.
Student Semester Hour. Credit courses (Advanced & Professional, Postsecondary Vocational and College Preparatory) are measured in terms of SSH. One credit hour = 1 SSH.
Student Semester Hours
Simultaneous Sampling and Hold. A property of a system in which each input or output channel is digitized or updated at the same instant.
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Sea Surface Height