Definitions for "File Transfer Protocol"
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(1) Communications protocol that can transmit binary and ASCII data files without loss of data. See: Kermit, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem. (2) TCP/IP protocol that is used to log onto the network, list directories, and copy files. It can also translate between ASCII and EBCDIC. See: TCP/IP.
A software program which transfers files from your computer up to your server, or vice versa. Voyager is a good ftp program for Windows. Fetch is a popular ftp program for the Mac. (While Fetch is doing its thing, the mouse pointer becomes a little running dog with its tail wagging.) An ftp program may be stand-alone, like Voyager or Fetch. Or, it may be part of the HTML translator.
File Transfer Protocol is a method to upload and download files over the Internet.
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an improved version of XMODEM-IK
A program used to move files between storage areas on a network.
A common way of copy files over a network. By default all information is sent unencrypted in plain text and is thus very insecure.
The physical movement of data files between applications, often across sites.
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A system often used to send or receive files.