Definitions for "Download"
The electronic transferring or copying of a file from an connected individual computer, a computer network, a commercial online service, or the Internet to another computer.
Moving files (like pictures of *NSYNC or videos of wrestlers) from a site on the Internet like Yahooligans! to your personal home page or computer.
The process of transferring files from another computer to your computer over a network connection.
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Download is an electronic music group formed by Dwayne Goettel and c Evin Key of Skinny Puppy during 1994. The initial lineup also included Off & Gone's Phil Western and Mark Spybey of Dead Voices On Air, but has since been particularly fluid, with Key and Western being the only constant members after Goettel's death. Download's music has been described as post-industrial, drawing from the band's genesis as part of Skinny Puppy but also sharing common stylistic ground with such artists as Aphex Twin and Autechre.
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To save results of a search. (As opposed to saving the search or search strategy.) Some people use this word even for printing or displaying. Syn. Save, Save as
Save to diskette. You would do this if you wanted to save your database search results to look at them later, rather than printing them out right then.
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The download function enables service providers to update the system software of their set top boxes via their transmission channels.
Function performed to get a software program into a POS device.
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v. See Fuse.
The process where board level program instructions and routines are loaded during board initialization to a reserved section of shared RAM.
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Keyword TCP
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HTML Modem Visits
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what we do in toilets
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When we receive a disk or email from a client we then download this image to film.
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Content Learning Object
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to top of index
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What the term download means