Definitions for "keyword"
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A word used as an entry point into an index which serves to identify files, records, texts, or other data containing the key or some related word, such as a synonym. It is a type of key{15}; as, a boolean combination of keywords is more effective for information retrieval than a single key{15}.
on the Internet, a word or group of words entered into the query window of a search engine (e.g., Google or Yahoo!) by the user to find documents or pages that contain the key word(s).
On Web search engines, these are words that you type into the search form, or search "window," to search the Web for pages or sites that contain your keyword and information related to it.
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(n.) a statement keyword or an argument keyword.
(Lisp) In Lisp, keyword symbols are a subset of symbols that start with a single colon, and all belong to the keyword package, :left for example. Unlike most Lisp symbols, they do not need to be quoted. keyword argument to a Lisp function [should also be defined. -- rgr, 22-Mar-02].
A symbol literal, represented in source code as a name followed by a colon. Keywords are used as program constants, and for naming keyword arguments in function calls.
Codewort, mit welchem der Service per SMS abgerufen werden kann
Searchable terms extracted from an indexed data set. » Back to top of screen
The keyword index includes the non-numeric terms from all of the other indexes (Title, Subject, Features & Attributes, Media Type, etc.).
In text editing and database management systems, a keyword is an index entry that identifies a specific record or document or a searchable term extracted from a data set during indexing.
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A name that identifies a parameter in a command string. Keywords can be entered in their entirety or as abbreviations identified in the syntax diagram for the command.
A four-character code that uniquely identifies a descriptor record inside another descriptor record. In Apple Event Manager functions, constants are typically used to represent the four-character codes.
An identifier or character string reserved for some purpose such as image header parameters.
A free format ASCII file that has keywords for each field of information. The Relex CAD Import/ExportWizardTM is completely compatible with keyword files, able to import information from, and export data to, the keyword format.
An important or unique term to help find your topic area.
the unique, second part of a disposable address you create using AddressGuard.
A component of a value. This can be whatever is permitted for a given value, including length and color units, as well as named keywords like center or underline. One or more keywords are combined to form a value. Therefore, white url(bg.gif) top left repeat-x is a single value composed of five keywords.
Keywords are any of the terms that define the seven basic data elements in a game. They are object, location, filter, synonym, variable, grammar and parameter.
Descriptive term in astrology for a planet or sign.
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old term no longer used in RT 3; see custom field.
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One of a set of keywords describing the content of a document
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(see Data Element)