Definitions for "Seven"
Seven is the seventh album by American rock singer/songwriter Bob Seger, released in 1974.
Seven was the fifth album from English band James, released February 1992. Half of the album was produced by Youth, but after being unimpressed with some of the early records the band's studio time ran out, so the band produced the rest of the album themselves with the help of Steve Chase.
Seven is a 1973 album by the British progressive rock and jazz/fusion band Soft Machine who were one of the central bands in the Canterbury scene. Bassist Roy Babbington, who had already contributed to Fourth and Fifth on double bass, has replaced Hugh Hopper.
Tools of quality these are the fundamental methods for gathering and analyzing quality-related data. They are: fishbone diagrams, histograms, pareto analysis, flowcharts, scatter plots, run charts, and control charts.
a unit of volume for beer in New South Wales and some other sections of Australia. A seven of beer is a glass holding 200 milliliters (about 7 imperial fluid ounces). This volume is called a butcher in South Australia and a glass [3] many other parts of Australia.
a small, lightweight two-seater open-top sports car, which is supremely nimble and quick
The key number underlying the manifestation of the planes and the bodies. Three of the Higher Self and four of the Lower Self. The seven becomes ten with the addition of the Monadic Triad.
Out when the shooter rolls seven after a point has been established. Control of the dice is transferred to the next shooter. Another terms for this is "miss out." You will sometimes hear players call this something else, but we can't print those things here. This is often incorrectly called "craps out."
A defunct Japanese toy company that made a name for itself by supplying small, extremely cheap toys to train stations, supermarkets, and the like.
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One more than six; six and one added; as, seven days make one week.
The number greater by one than six; seven units or objects.
the cardinal number that is the sum of six and one
This is an article describing personality type number Seven according to the Enneagram.
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A symbol representing seven units, as 7, or vii.
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a good age to start