Definitions for "In the Beginning"
with reference to the origin or beginning
In the Beginning is an electric blues album performed live by Stevie (Ray) Vaughan and Double Trouble (the stage name at that time did not include Vaughan's middle name). While the album was released about two years after Vaughan's death in 1990, the actual performance took place on April 1, 1980 at Steamboat 1874 in Austin, Texas, and was broadcast live on KLBJ-FM radio. A 25-year-old Vaughan, still more than three years away from the release of his first studio album, performs with his "Double Trouble" bandmates: Chris Layton, drummer, and Jackie Newhouse, bassist.
In The Beginning (Circa 1960) is the first consolidated American packaging of the 1962 German album by Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers (also known as The Beatles) called "My Bonnie". It was recorded at Hamburg in 1961. This album was originally released as The Beatles' First in Germany in 1964 and in the United Kingdom in 1967.
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before now; "why didn't you tell me in the first place?"