Definitions for "KISS"
Keywords:  love, terrible, salute, trio, intimate
To salute with the lips, as a mark of affection, reverence, submission, forgiveness, etc.
To make or give salutation with the lips in token of love, respect, etc.; as, kiss and make friends.
A salutation with the lips, as a token of affection, respect, etc.; as, a parting kiss; a kiss of reconciliation.
Keywords:  comedy, debut, album, york, lester
a must-see comedy that will keep audience members smirking long after the movie ends
a New York Dolls cover and were never aired on radio
a romantic comedy set in New York
any of several bite-sized candies
a quick but entertaining addition to the Candy Hearts series
a type of candy made by Hershey's with a very distinctive shape
Keywords:  fondly, gently, lightly, touch, soul
To touch gently, as if fondly or caressingly.
To meet; to come in contact; to touch fondly.
a light glancing touch; "there was a brief kiss of their hands in passing"
A word invented by the poets as a rhyme for "bliss." It is supposed to signify, in a general way, some kind of rite or ceremony appertaining to a good understanding; but the manner of its performance is unknown to this lexicographer.
a good indication of what's to come
a good place to begin
Keywords:  shake, ought, heroine, hero, bushes
a shake hand between two hearts
A scene where hero and heroine ought to go behind bushes. And the plant shakes left and right. Scene cut.
an anthology featuring new stories by Nora Roberts, Jill Gregory, Ruth Ryan Langan and Marianne Willman
a FREE message that members can send to another member
In cryptanalysis, a kiss was a term used at Bletchley Park during World War II for occasions when the enemy sent an identical message twice, once in a breakable cipher and again in an unbroken cipher. A deciphered message in the breakable system provided a "crib" (piece of known plaintext) which could then be used to read the unbroken messages. One example was where messages read in a German meteorological cipher could be used to provide cribs for reading the difficult 4-wheel Naval Enigma cipher.
a pleasant collision at an intersection of decision
a pleasant reminder that two heads are better than one
a course of procedure, cunningly devised, for the mutual stoppage of speech at a moment when words are superfluous
Keywords:  soubrette, bravery, homage, mortal, act
To take the blood of a mortal, or the act of taking blood in general.
an Act of Bravery and Soubrette
an act of homage
a contact, a conviction, a connection
Any contact between balls.
Situation where either the cueball or the object ball makes unintended contact with another ball (or each other) after the object ball has been hit.
Keywords:  intimacy, symbol
a symbol for intimacy
Keywords:  greeting, inappropriate
an inappropriate greeting
a great ice breaker, and it shows great confidence
a great return on the mutual pleasure
a simple pleasure
Keywords:  amused, pretend, trick, magic, know
a magic trick where two people know the method, but still pretend amused with the result
Keywords:  mom, medicine
Mom medicine.
Keywords:  persuasion, invasion, bottom, top
a persuasion at the top, for an invasion at the bottom
Keywords:  confectionery, piece, small
A small piece of confectionery.
Keywords:  vengaboys, shine, don't, sun, released
"Kiss (When the Sun Don't Shine)" is a single by the Vengaboys released in 2000.
a wordless articulation of desire whose object lies in the future, and somewhat to the south
an excellent series because I have been watching it for so long and every episode gives me something new to look forward to in the next one
a taiwan series
Keywords:  knock, knit
Keywords:  blame, gamble, boys, game, get
a gamble, sex is a game, boys do the action girls get the blame
Keywords:  asa, noun, high, generally
a noun , but generally used as asa asa are high
Keywords:  told, mere, enlargement, mouth, ear
a contraction of the mouth due to an enlargement of the heart
a mere secret told to the mouth instead of the ear"
a mutation of the instinct to suck your mothers breast
Keywords:  passionate, taste, sampling, other
a passionate sampling of each other's taste
a professional high class aid to your gift shopping worries
a customary practice of expressing your affections towards others
an evidence of affection
Keywords:  angel, lot, different, sex
a lot different than sex, Angel
Keywords:  scope, book, imposing, commitment, size
a commitment in my book
an imposing book in both size and scope
Keywords:  token, sign, trust
a sign and token of trust
a partnership and it's important that you only go as far as the other person is comfortable with
Keywords:  perfect, example
a perfect example
Keywords:  sugar, egg, cookie, whites
a cookie made of egg whites and sugar
Keywords:  mark, trust
a mark of trust
Keywords:  profitable, returned, credit
a credit because it is profitable when returned
Keywords:  source, information
a source of information