Definitions for "Breast"
The fore part of the body, between the neck and the belly; the chest; as, the breast of a man or of a horse.
Either one of the protuberant glands, situated on the front of the chest or thorax in the female of man and of some other mammalia, in which milk is secreted for the nourishment of the young; a mamma; a teat.
The breast of a bird, or its upper chest, is where the powerful pectoral flying muscles can be found. These muscles take up a good portion of the birds' mass and are mainly employed to keep the wings beating steadily against the flow of air and the pull of gravity. In a number of birds it is speckled or spotted, as in most thrushes and the Northern Flicker; in other species it is often of a bright hue which contrasts sharply from the rest of the body (e.g. robins and bluebirds). It is very useful for the identification of many common types of birds, and should be distinguished from the belly area, which is lower on the underside and contains the legs.
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Anything resembling the human breast, or bosom; the front or forward part of anything; as, a chimney breast; a plow breast; the breast of a hill.
The front of a furnace.
The fleshy white meat between the neck and abdomen of poultry.
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A torus.
The notched area of an abutment onto which the aqueduct or culvert flume construction was fitted. It helped support the weight of the flume.
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ventral leathering below the throat, extending over the breast muscles. The tips of these feathers reach a bit further.
reach the summit; "They breasted the mountain"
The region of a bird between the throat and the belly.
To meet, with the breast; to struggle with or oppose manfully; as, to breast the storm or waves.
meet at breast level; "The runner breasted the tape"
confront bodily; "breast the storm"
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The face of a coal working.
A working face in a mine usually restricted to a slope.
The vertical end surface of a working heading. Sometimes called "face".
The seat of consciousness; the repository of thought and self-consciousness, or of secrets; the seat of the affections and passions; the heart.
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a part of a chicken
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The power of singing; a musical voice; -- so called, probably, from the connection of the voice with the lungs, which lie within the breast.
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this is the position on the garment that most logos as put.
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an international event, an art exhibit and auction that travels throughout the globe
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The end wall at the head of a lock, which supports the sill.