Definitions for "Supports"
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'deux lions d'or'. ote by the translator - For the benefit of those who are not conversant with terms of heraldry, the above description may be translated as
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see stanchions.
a grass roots organization created to educate, support, empower and speak up for family caregivers
an excellent complement to local photonics clusters and organizations
arrangement of members used to maintain the elevation or alignment of the conveyor. Supports can take the form of hangers, floor supports, or brackets and can be either stationary or portable.
the degree of effectiveness of accommodations and adaptations provided during learning and that naturally occur during instruction; also reflected is the degree to which assistive technology and peers are utilized
Refers to accommodations, persons in the environment, or practices that help an individual in conducting live activities, including employment.
Insulators that support a neon tube,as well as hold it away from the background surface and provide some impact resistance. Also called stand-offs.
Term used in the disability community to refer to a service that promotes independence and does not treat the individual as a passive recipient of care.
Supportive services, services or relationships that an individual with a disability requires to be independent.
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"Supports" means devices for supporting and securing pipe, fixtures, and equipment.