Definitions for "Accommodations"
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As used in testing, accommodations are alterations in how a test is presented to the test taker or how the test taker responds. Accommodations include a variety of alterations in presentation format, response format, setting in which the test is taken, timing, or scheduling. The alterations do not substantially change level, content, or performance criteria. The changes are made in order to "level the playing field;" that is, to provide equal opportunity to demonstrate what is known.
Alterations in the administration of standardized assessments such as NAEP, that are provided to certain students with disabilities (SD) and/or limited English proficiency (LEP), as specified in the studentâ€(tm)s IEP.
are provisions made in how a student accesses and demonstrates learning. These do not substantially change the instructional level, the content or the performance criteria. Such changes are made to provide a student with meaningful and productive learning experiences, environments, and assessments based on individual needs and abilities
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Single Room: A room with one bed for one person. Twin Room: A room with two beds for two people. Double Room: A room for two persons with a double bed. Triple Room: A room for three persons, usually consisting of twin beds (or double bed) plus a roll-away cot. Service Charges and Taxes: Service charges are a fixed percentage automatically added to room and meal charges. Taxes are set by the city, state or federal government. Ocean Front: A room directly facing the ocean. Ocean View: A room from which it is possible to secure a view of the ocean (usually located on the side of the hotel).
Any changes made to the regular environment that will help a person succeed. See also Reasonable Accommodation.
modifications or services provided to ensure equal access to education