Definitions for "assessment"
The process of placing a value on an asset for the purpose of taxation. Also...
The act of assessing; the act of determining an amount to be paid; as, an assessment of damages, or of taxes; an assessment of the members of a club.
A valuation of property or profits of business, for the purpose of taxation; such valuation and an adjudging of the proper sum to be levied on the property; as, an assessment of property or an assessment on property.
Processes such as examinations or coursework through which a learner's achievements are measured. See also Peer assessment; Self assessment; Standard setting
the process of determining the company's or organisation's current situation.
A comprehensive examination and evaluation of a person's needs for psychiatric, developmental disability or substance abuse treatment, services and/or supports according to applicable requirements.
Determines your overall grade in each unit Depending on units completed, your grade will be based on your performance in a combination of written assignments, essays, tests, laboratory tasks and exams
The way in which your work is assessed while you are on your course. Some courses may ask for essays, some may set exams and some may use a combination of both. Alternatively, you may be asked to submit course work, which could include project work, case studies or reports.
assessment items measure your achievements, the course objectives and the Graduate Qualities - both during the course and at the end. Assessment tasks may include: written assignments such as essays or reports, exams, laboratory work, oral presentations and practical assignments. Sometimes, class participation is assessed. Usually the lecturer or tutor will assess your work, but sometimes you might assess your own work (self-assessment) or the work of others (peer assessment)
The placement of antidumping duties on imported goods.
The imposition of antidumping duties on imported merchandise.
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The process of measuring the quality of an activity, service or organisation.
The process of having an assessor present at your game. You may request an assessment, or one may be assigned by the SDA or your ADA. Note - assessments are often done at tournaments. If you plan to attend a tournament with assessors present, please notify the tournament's referee coordinator that you would like to be assessed. An assessment provides feedback to the referee and to the MSRC indicating the competency of the official and recommending areas of performance for enhancement. The assessment serves the individual referee's development and together with the referee's own report provides input to the MSRC's instruction program to improve the performance of the referees across the state.
The process of acquiring qualitative or quantitative information.
an auditing technique which helps to isolate specific areas or subjects on which a preclear has charge so that they can be addressed in auditing.
the action of an auditor calling off questions or items to a preclear from a prepared list and noting down any E-METER reaction to the questions or items called.
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The act of determining the importance, size, or value of (biodiversity of species).
Appraisal of the physical mental or developmental state of a person along with a decision regarding treatment
Surveys and Inspections; an analysis of the vulnerabilities of an AIS. Information acquisition and review process designed to assist a customer to determine how best to use resources to protect information in systems.
The Application Modeling activity that produces analyses of the degree to which alternative Application Models satisfy the operational (e.g., performance, reliability) and product quality requirements of the customer.
Grants increasingly have to be justified before approval, and then for payment in full, according to a range of criteria such as: Artistic quality and aspirations Management effectiveness and reliability of the team/organisation Financial feasibility (balanced budget and funding partners) Demonstrating public benefit Expected results and sustainability Meeting all statutory regulations, pay rates, etc. Correspondence to funder's policy aims.
Generally an automatic or mandatory deduction from a producer’s marketing receipts used to fund activities that promote or otherwise support a particular farm product. Under certain agricultural marketing orders or commodity promotion programs, assessments may be applied against receipts to help pay for generic advertising or research. The term check-off is often used interchangeably with assessment. Federal deficit reduction marketing assessments have also been connected to certain commodity price support programs (dairy, peanuts, sugar, tobacco, and soybeans) to help reduce the federal budget deficit, which arguably is higher because of the programs.
Judging the quality of your evidence and work performance against the requirements of the national standards.
a way of judging the status or success of something.
Checking how well a process works or the progress made by a pupil.
the first stage after receipt of a written complaint, to determine whether the matter complained of is within the Board's jurisdiction to investigate. The Chair may also examine reasons to refuse to investigate during the assessment stage.
A report written by a marine surveyor after conducting a thorough examination of a boat.
An examination of the aspects of the supply and demand for water and of the factors affecting the management of water resources.
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A compilation of information about the trends and conditions related to natural and socio-economic resources and factors. For the initial round of SFRMPs, the focus will be primarily on trends and conditions of forest resources. Standard core assessment information sources and products have been defined.
identification of a person's capacities and incapacities, in relation to their needs, in order to develop an appropriate individual care plan.
Assessment happens when a person first comes into contact with health services. Information is collected in order to identify the person's needs and plan treatment.
A. Be able to identify elements that need to go into a crime story. B. Be able to create believable characters. C. Be able to tell a crime story. D. Be able to use facts and terminology correctly. E. Be able to outline their plot. F. Finish the first chapter of a crime novel.
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Baseline Assessment
Family Court Services may investigate a family in more detail if a judge orders it. This can happen after the family goes to a Family Court Parenting Program and Mediation services and there are no other court related services to help the parents come to an agreement.
Measuring something, usually the situation of an individual, family, group or community, against one or more yardsticks in preparation for undertaking a diagnosis or making a plan.
Measuring the circumstances of an individual, a family, a group or community against agreed benchmarks leading to informed analysis upon which to base delivery of appropriate services.
See: Personally Referenced or Ipsative Assessment
An apportionment of a subscription for stock into successive installments; also, one of these installments (in England termed a "call").
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A broad review of the different aspects of a company or function which includes elements not covered by a structured audit. It might include opportunities for reducing the costs of poor quality, employee perceptions on quality aspects, proposals to senior management on policy, goals etc. This review is also often called a "quality survey", or "Company wide audit".
talking to a patient to find out about his or her medical history, knowledge about TB, feelings and beliefs about TB treatment, and other pertinent information
Assessment of previous post-secondary education for possible transfer credit toward an AU program.
Assessment is the process of documenting, usually in measurable terms, knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs. This article covers educational assessment including the work of institutional researchers, but the term applies to other fields as well including health and finance.
The extra premium a mutual or reciprocal insurer's policyholder may be required to pay in the event the insurer's losses are greater than anticipated.
The extra premium an assessable insurance company may invoice its Insureds if the retained portion of the gross loss exceeds the reserves.
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A study to carefully check something.
see continuous improvement.
A payment requested by the board of directors of a co-op or condominium to make a capital improvement or provide an essential service.
The charge imposed by the Board on an employer to provide funds to pay benefits for industrial accidents and diseases.
The official amount of your registration fees, specified by the Registrar.
premiums paid to the Board by employers for workers' coverage, optional personal coverage, and related charges;
A formal study and review of a population based on a standardized method.
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Assessment Rolls
Assumable Mortgage Attorney-In-Fact
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An entry in the rating list.
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An amount of money you are required to pay, usually to repair damage to property in which you have a communal interest.
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How a unit is assessed. There are a number of different ways in which assessment may be carried out. See Table 6 for further information.
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See Functional Assessment.
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See site assessment.