Definitions for "RUBRICS"
a set of explicit standards by which student work is judged. For example, students generally get a number based on how well they perform the task, ranging from failing to meet the standards to exceeding the standards.
(Scoring Guidelines) Written and shared for judging performance that indicate the qualities by which levels of performance can be differentiated, and that anchor judgments about the degree of achievement.
The, short, written instructions or commentary or explanation in a textbook or on a set of examination questions to tell the students or teachers what should be done.
Rules or directions for conducting a ritual action. Stage directions - important for the execution of ritual celebrations but only a surface feature of the whole ritual ensemble.
"stage directions" for what should be done during a religious ceremony
Rubrics are written directions for liturgical actions found in religious service and liturgical books, especially in Christianity. They are traditionally printed or written in red (Latin: ruber) to distinguish them from the words that are supposed to be spoken, printed in black.
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Instructions on performing the liturgy. The word means ?red? referring to the color of ink in which they were once written.