Definitions for "Performance standard"
Performance standards set an objective performance level that must be met, without specifying how this is to be achieved. For example, such a standard may impose emission limits that specify the amount and type of pollutant that may be discharged. Unlike design standards, which mandate the use of a particular design or technology, emission standards allow regulated entities to utilize any technology or design they choose to meet the emission limit. (See also "Design Standard").
(a) An objective definition of a certain level of performance in some domain in terms of a cut score or a range of scores on the score scale of a test measuring proficiency in that domain. (b) A statement or description of a set of operational tasks exemplifying a level of performance associated with a more general content standard. The statement may be used to guide judgments about the location of a cut score on a score scale. The term often implies a desired level of performance. Ibid.
defines what a child is supposed to know and how good is good enough. Students are required to apply their basic knowledge to application questions. Students are taught to explain what they are learning and why. They are given specific criteria to self assess how good their wok is and if it is good enough to meet the standard.
a benchmark that a restoration must meet in order to be deemed successful
A criterion or benchmark against which actual performance is measured.
An established amount or limit of a specified pollutant that can be discharged from a land-use activity or BMP.
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