Definitions for "Performance standards"
Standards an individual provider is expected to meet, especially with respect to quality of care. The standards may define volume of care delivered per time period.
The levels of achievement students must reach to receive particular grades or to be allowed to move to the next unit in a criterion-referenced assessment system (e.g., 90 percent and higher receive an A, between 80 percent and 89 percent receive a B, and so on; a student who receives a score of 80 percent or more moves on to the next unit, while retained students need to review the material tested and retake the test or a parallel form of it).
Numeric levels established for outcome measures in the state plan indicating what proportion of students at each level will achieve each outcome.
Federal, state, or local codified specifications that condition development activities to limit the extent to which a structure or activity may affect the immediate environment.
The degree to which a worker is working according to the job description.
Descriptions of "how much" an individual knows and "how well" the individual can apply a skill.
Positive discipline Priority report
The tasks, functions or behavioral requirements established by the employer as goals to be accomplished by an employee.
The ability to perform competencies in keeping with occupational and industrial specifications.