Definitions for "Employer"
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One who employs another; as, an employer of workmen.
person or organization who employs people who work for money.
Any person or firm that employs the services of one or more people for pay or other compensation.
a very ductile and malleable slightly harder than gold univalent coinage metal with a brilliant white metallic luster that Art School take a high school or university earns credits for the viewer to interpret
or Participating Employer - With respect to the Florida Retirement System, any agency, branch, department, institution, university, institution of higher education, or board of the state, or any county agency, branch, department, board, district school board (or charter school or charter technical career center), or special district of the state, or any city of the state which participates in the FRS for the benefit of certain of its employees.
Indiana University.
the entity that is sponsoring this group health plan and its related subsidiaries.
A College of Applied Arts and Technology, the CAAT Pension Plan, the Ontario Colleges Application Service (OCAS) and any other employer approved by the Sponsors' Committee of the CAAT Pension Plan.
employer - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
a corprate heavyweight with the drive of a startup
The term ‘employer’ used in reference to AvSuper means Airservices Australia or Civil Aviation Safety Authority.
a Business Associate to his health care plan with HIPAA responsibilities
a seasonal filer for the entire calendar year if the business is not operating for the entire calendar year and if there is no Colorado withholding made during that part of the year during which the business is not operating
a intriguing industry and studying more about it is extremely advantageous
a stirring industry and studying more about it is quite valuable
a wonderful industry and learning more about it can be very fruitful
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role clash
The State of Delaware or any of its departments, agencies, or subdivisions, from which any employee receives his compensation
The state of Washington and any governmental subdivision approved in writing by the Policy Owner and us.
a growing field and discovering more about it can prove to be very edifying
a stimulating field and studying more about it can prove to be quite productive
an Australian business that is seeking to fill a vacancy for an eligible position
a qualified registrant if they are seeking to fill a senior-level financial position
Any business, government body, or other organisation which has one or more staff members.
an organization like an airline, trucking company, transit authority, etc
an organization that uses The Work Number to provide access to employment and income information about its employees
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St. Louis County Government
a corporate body that has a current need to recruit candidates to work within its Human Resources function
An individual's paid or voluntary work, occupation or business.
The company or individual that has people working for it.
Employment (Labor Code) Employment (Establishment Surveys)
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A name of an employer