Definitions for "CES"
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Constant Elasticity of Substitution
An abbreviation for "Certified Exchange Specialist", a a designation available through the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA) since 2003. To obtain the designation, exchange professionals with at least 3 years of exchange industry experience must pass a comprehensive exam to measure their knowledge on facilitating exchange transactions. After receiving the designation, they must maintain their knowledge through continuing education courses and renew their CES designation every 2 years.
Consumer Electronics Show put on by the EIA.
Crop Estimation Surveys
Current Employment Statistics Program
Crop Estimation Survey
Cooperative Educational Services RESC located in Trumbull. ( LINK)
(Cooperative Extension Section) - members are the designated administrators of the cooperative extension services of all the states and territories.
A term describing the system of state Extension organizations throughout the US and its territories.
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Coude Echelle Spectrometer
Cauda Equina Syndrome. Loss of bowel and bladder control (incontinence) and numbness in the groin and saddle area of the pelvis, associated with weakness of the lower extremities. This condition can be cause by abnormal pressure on the bottom-most portion of the spinal canal and spinal nerve roots, related to either bony stenosis or a large herniated disc.
Centre for Energy Studies (South Bank University)
Centre for Energy Studies (South Bank Polytechnic)
Centre Européen des Silicones
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Clutch Engage Switch
Cannon Engagement Switch.
Cranial Electrical Stimulation
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Corpus Encoding Standard
an ideal venue to reach new customers both domestic and international
certified environmental specialist
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Coast Earth Station
Center for Election Systems
Center for European Studies
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Category of Emission Source
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This economic indicator