Definitions for "LCC"
Leadless Chip Carrier. A chip package whose input and output pads sit right on the perimeter of the package. Leadless chip carriers come in several types. Types A through D are typically ceramic, with hermetically sealed metal or ceramic lids. Among these types, the designer can choose from a cavity-up or cavity-down thermal orientation. A leadless type E, which is rectangular, has also been developed for memory applications (ROMs, PROMs, EPROMs, DRAMs, and static RAMs). There is also a leadless type F for memory chips, which can be mounted directly onto a ceramic DIP carrier.
See Life Cycle Cost
Refers to the total cost of a product over the full life of the product. The cost includes design, development, production, and support.
Local Coordinating Council ( for children's services) - An interagency committee of major agencies dealing with children and adolescents in a county (Department of Juvenile Justice, the school system, Department of Social Services, Directorate of Mental Health). The committee finds appropriate placements for disabled children and adolescents with complex needs.
Leeds City Council
Local Coordinating Council. A group of people representing all of the city or county level agencies that provides services to children. The LCC makes recommendations for residential school placements.
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line card control. Process that runs on the NP for each CLC, LSC, and MSC of a LightStream 2020 ATM switch. LCC establishes VCCs, maintains the link management protocol for the line card, continually monitors line quality on each trunk using TUD, and performs other functions. See also ECC.
Line-card chassis. Term used by the JUNOS command-line interface (CLI) to refer to a T640 routing node in a routing matrix.
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iquid rystal ell
Learning and Career Centre. They are delivery sites for e-learning. LCC's may be contained in dedicated or shared facilities, may be stand-alone or connected in a virtual central network to other Managing Authority (MA), Canadian Forces (CF) or Other Government Departments (OGD) centres, and may currently be funded on a permanent or opportunity basis. The LCCs provide learning services to the MA. The kinds of learning services include: Computers with access to the DLN electronic backbone and DL courseware offered from the MA or other sources; Learning consulting services; Facilities for interactive group learning, teleconferencing, cable TV; Paper-based learning products; and, Learning research materials.
Lambert conformal conic (projection)
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lignin carbohydrate complex
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A CRU in an enclosure that connects Fibre Channel signalling to the disk modules. The LCC receives and electrically terminates the incoming FC-AL signal. Then it passes the input signal to the disk modules in the enclosure, and drives the output signal via cables to the next device (if any) in the loop.
Library of Congress Classification (Library of Congress): A system of classifying library and archival materials, particularly in larger research collections. Divides human knowledge into 20 broad categories indicated by single letters of the roman alphabet, with major subdivisions indicated by a second letter, and narrower subdivisions by decimal numbers and further alphabetic notation.
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Launch Commit Criteria
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Last Cover and Concealment.
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Logical contact center
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land component commander
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Refer to Live Content Channels.
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