Definitions for "CPS"
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See Current Population Survey
Characters per second. Used to measure a printer's speed.
Characters per second that a device can print
Campus Protection Services (a section within the Properties & Services Department).
A child passenger safety.
Computer Platform Services (in ASD Bureau of Information Technology
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Centralized Processing Server (component of the iMSS Call Agent)
Cambridge Positioning Systems
Continuous Power Systems
Carrier Pre-Select: Your BT telephone line s are permanently connected to an alternative carrier at the BT exchange. All your calls are routed through that carrier. Due to excessive bureaucracy and reluctance for carriers to release line s to rivals it can take a long time to be connected and a long time to cease connection.
See carrier pre-select.
Carrier Pre Select (or Selection) is the process whereby IDN Telecom manages its customers calls via carriers offering favourable financial terms. Calls are then routed via the most favourable carrier without having to dial a routing prefix or follow any other different procedure to invoke such routing.
Collection Posture Statements
Certificate Practice Statement, formal document published by an issuing authority, and detailing how certificates are issued, maintained and revoked.
ertification ractices tatement Plan for use that conforms to X.509 Certificate Policy. Describes the practices employed in issuing and managing certificates (including the legal framework). IETF definition: "A statement of the practices which a CA employs in issuing public key certificates".
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Capsular Polysaccharide
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ost er ale
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abb. the title "Certified Professional Safe Technician" as awarded by SAVTA
Certified Payment Systems.
It relates to the number of photons detected that are given off by the scintillant or as a result of a fluorescence emission. Measured by a scintillation counter (radioactivity) or multilabel counter (fluorescence).
Acronym for the Constant Pressure System. Use a spherical or cyclindrical rubber bag which expands when filling with water, thus creating a stream which does not drop off or sputter. See Constant Pressure Series.
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Canadian Paediatric Society
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Compact Polystyrene
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The best rate an EDC merchant can quality for (VISA only). It also is known as the Qualified rate. See Qualified Rate.
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Creative Problem Solving
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Cognitive Performance Scale
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Chronic pain syndrome
Center for Political Studies, Institute for Social Research
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Housed within the Department of Mental Health.
a measurement of the speed of data transfer between hardware devices.
The advertiser's cost to generate one sales transaction.