Definitions for "Permanency Planning"
A court action that gives a dependent child a permanent place to live. For example, adoption or guardianship.
Planning and services by a social service agency to reunite a child in substitute care with his or her natural parents. When this is not possible or not in the child's interest, the agency seeks termination of parental rights and arranges for the child's adoption or attempts to locate and support another permanent placement for the child. The goal is that every child for whom the social service agency is responsible grows up in one permanent home. See s. 48.38, Wisconsin Statutes.
The case-worker coordinates services for the youth and family to fix the problems that led to the youth’s placement in state custody. The goal is to assure a long-term placement for the youth. This may be going home, staying in long-term foster care until age 18 or 21, or being placed for adoption.