Definitions for "placement"
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The overall education environment in which special education and related services are provided to a child with a disability and includes, but is not limited to, the child's instructional placement.
The site where a child receives special education services. Schools are required to provide a continuum of placement options. For a preschooler with special needs, these options may include a community program such as Head Start, a private child care or nursery school, or a segregated early childhood special education classroom. Decisions regarding placement are made at IEP meetings.
is the exact classroom your child will be in and who the teacher will be.
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a bachelor'sdegree
The commitment or assignment of a person to any facility or to any supervisory, care or treatment program.
In FPGAs, the process of assigning specific parts of the design to specific locations (CLBs) on the chip. Usually done automatically.
Placement is an essential step in electronic design automation - the portion of the physical design flow that assigns exact locations for various circuit components within the chip’s core area. An inferior placement assignment will not only affect the chip's performance but might also make it nonmanufacturable by producing excessive wirelength, which is beyond available routing resources. Consequently, a placer must perform the assignment while optimizing a number of objectives to ensure that a circuit meets its performance demands.
A singing technique that uses the sensation of vibrations in the head to achieve healthy sound that resonates and carries well. Most healthy singing is done in what is often referred to as "forward placement" (or "the mask"), with vibrations behind the teeth/lips, on the cheekbones, and sometimes the forehead and/or nose. The resulting sound is full, not nasally or thin.
technique of singing guided by sensations of vibrations in the face, behind the teeth, in the nose, etc. i.e. "forward placement."
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Graduates of an A.A. degree program are considered placed if they enroll in an upper division institution to continue their education. Graduates of A.A.S. and A.S. degree programs are placed if they are employed in a related field or are continuing their education or are enrolled in the military.
An IMA who agrees to be responsible for helping and developing another IMA with his business by teaching the new IMA how to do the business, and by assisting, encouraging and supporting him. Every IMA must be sponsored, either by another IMA in good standing with the Company, or by the Company itself. As consideration for being the PLACEMENT, the IMAs may earn bonuses based on the PCV of the Independent Marketing Associates in their Downline to the extent that the Sponsor is qualified. It is important to note that in some other Network Marketing companies, the term “PLACEMENT” may include the act of introducing prospective new IMAs to the opportunity and helping them sign up as new IMAs. In Nutrazon(tm), this person is called the “SPONSOR”. While bonuses may be earned for being the PLACEMENT, no payment is ever made for recruiting or enrolling. ( See “Enroll”).
An issue of newly-created shares by a company which is already established, as a means of raising cash and/or diversifying its investments. (See also Private Placement).
An allotment of shares made directly from the company to investors, rather than through the medium of a cash issue. Posting Making entries in an account system or book from original documents such as invoices and receipts.
The allotment of shares for cash to outsiders, as distinct from through a pro rata rights issue to existing shareholders.
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A target area of a player's service or return, usually out of the opponent's reach.
The ball is hit to a precisely chosen part of the court, usually one that the opponent cannot reach.
Accuracy in the targeting of a shot.
The place in the rockface (or sometimes things like trees growing off it) where protection is actually placed. The ideal is a sinker. Choosing among different alternatives, and finding the best and most efficient placements (in time taken to place them, gear required and final bombproofness) distinguishes the good leader from the bad or average.
When the car is actually placed in the industry by the railroad.
Position; place.
See Positioning.
Also called positioning or ranking by search engine marketing people, the process whereby a search engine places web sites in an order so that the most relevant sites appear first in the search results for a particular query.
A period of work experience, paid or unpaid which is part of a course. Can be arranged by yourself or by the university.
an opportunity to put skills and knowledge already gained into practice, in a real working environment
a partnership between the university, the employer and the student
the spatial property of the way in which something is placed; "the arrangement of the furniture"; "the placement of the chairs"
general term for the type of volunteer work, e.g. 'teaching', 'conservation' etc. and any accommodation arranged by Ikando.
A category of structure tuning. Oracle Expert makes recommendations about placement of structures, such as segment partitioning and placement of database files. Oracle Expert may recommend separating segments into different tablespaces to minimize tablespace free space fragmentation and maximize administrative flexibility. Oracle Expert may also recommend distributing database files across drives, which reduces the service and queue times per I/O and the number of I/Os. See also sizing.
Where the spot/commercial is placed/bought. For example, 5 spots each placed in Breakfast, Day and Drive dayparts.
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In the FWS program, the procedure by which you select, are interviewed for and placed on a job location.
Fitting a person to the right job.
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a little wrong the whole embouchure system can often break down completely
a technical term for a wholesale loan, usually made for short term, but not technically as a deposit or with an evidential security
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The selling of new securities.
Sale of beer to a new account.
The initial selling and subsequent establishment of a product brand or pack on a store shelf that previously did not stock or purchase it; a "new sale."
The first stage of money laundering in which the money is placed in the banking system. See Layering and Integration.
The process of placing and consolidating concrete. A quantity of concrete placed and finished during a continuous operation. Also, inappropriately referred to as pouring. See placing.
A bank depositing Eurodollars with (selling Eurodollars to) another bank is often said to be making a placement.
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The section of a rock face into which an item of protection can be placed
An opening in the rock in which a piece of protection fits. Also the act of inserting a piece of protection.
The art of placing rock or ice protection
the quality of a nut or anchor in reference to its durability as an anchor
a period of time within your programme that is to be spent in a practice setting
After being introduced by the employment agency, a mutual agreement by between the Client & Applicant to begin a working relationship.
contact established between applicants and prospective employees; "the agency provided placement services"
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See clustering
Selection of an appropriate level of care, based on assessment of individual needs and preferences.
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The act of placing, or the state of being placed.
the act of putting something in a certain place or location
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Refers to where an ad is placed on a website or to what type of ad it is.
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Where an image will appear in a printed or electronic publication.
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A sale of securities. The placement can be private or public.