Definitions for "Teacher"
1. A discarnate who relates to an entity for the purpose of introduction, instruction, guidance or serving in capacity of mentor.
For each human being, who is by definition a "student" in this world, there is both a teacher and a teaching. Ultimately the only teacher is the Spirit speaking the divine Word spoken at the level of the heart. The instruments of the teaching and the teacher, however, may be many sources.
a person who provides to students: direct classroom teaching; classroom-type teaching in a non-classroom setting; or educational services directly related to classroom teaching such as school librarians and school guidance counselors.
a gardener in the garden of God
a god in human form
a good gardener who takes good care of the flowers of our country
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functions Role Description
a friend, a parent, a counselor, and much more
a friend with more experience on the spiritual path
One who teaches or instructs; one whose business or occupation is to instruct others; an instructor; a tutor.
One who instructs others in religion; a preacher; a minister of the gospel; sometimes, one who preaches without regular ordination.
One who seeks to instill knowledge in others by methods of instruction. One of five office gifts described in Ephesians 4:11.
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a constant learner
a fellow learner in the pursuit of knowledge
a learner too
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a candle that can light the way for others but burns itself out
a candle who lights the way of others
a priest because he is a prophet and, like a candle, is consumed by a passion to shed light
a government employee and his interest in his continued employment is a protectible "property interest" and therefore, any termination is subject to procedural and substantive safeguards
a master all his life but a bureaucrat is not even a servant after vacating the chair
a crucial key for a child with these behaviors to succeed
a facilitator and a reference
a facilitator in a sense because they are guiding the child through the learning process but the child is the main person in charge of finding the research
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a problem solver
a personified abstraction that teaches; "books were his teachers"; "experience is a demanding teacher"
a man who talks about things he has not known, who talks about worlds with no experience
a specialist in teaching, an engineer excels in technical knowledge, a doctor is an authority on medicine, but an IAS officer has got not only a good knowledge of all these fields but also an added experience in administration
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a transformer, a catalyst, the leaven
Fullmetal Alchemist TV series originally aired 2004-03-27.
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a giver of eyes
a person whose occupation is teaching
a head-oriented person, more heady than you
a human being with unique characteristics, personality, interests, individual differences and abilities and knowledge
a meeting point of the urges and aspirations of the people for knowledge and good life, on the one hand, and the promises of the government and the state and the constitution on the other
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a known animal rights activist
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a significant pillar of society
a mind engineer shaping the future of any nation, engineering and igniting the little minds in the right perspective of knowledge acquisition
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a transmitter
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a moral agent
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a supplier of knowledge
a very High Being who will help you along the path to self perfection, and consequently, the perfection of your soul
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a mother of knowledge
Keywords:  disseminator, organizer
an organizer and disseminator of knowledge
Keywords:  substitute, parent
a substitute parent for some of them
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a man of vision
a man who teaches without knowing what he is teaching
a professional speaker and should have a professional speakers' training
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an authority figure
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a great thing to be and we need more humans like you in the world
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an ass with a class
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an employee and not a public officer