Definitions for "Learning theory"
main idea is that violence is a behaviour learned in childhood. Boys learn that it is okay to be violent, and girls learn that it is okay to be on the receiving end of violence - that is what relationships are about. This theory holds that all children are socialized to accept violence in our society and that this, coupled with the different roles that boys and girls are socialized into, supports and perpetuates abuse. Children who witness violence in the home are much more likely to become abusers or be abused.
An understanding of the principles of learning theory (e.g., behaviorism, constructivism, transmission of knowledge) as they apply in practice in the classroom.
Theories of how people learn.
a systematic integrated outlook in regard to the nature of the process whereby people relate to their environments in such a way as to enhance their ability to use both themselves and their environments more effetively
a "set of laws or principles about learning" (p
A set of principles explaining human performance. Top Page