Definitions for "Principles"
Represent the fundamental physical laws underlying the operation of a device or physical system, normally in equation form, and do independently of any particular value. As these representations are very general they can be used in unfamilar situations, where no explicit solution is available. Classically used in numerical simulations and models.
comprehensive and fundamental rules that are based on theories which analysis indoctrinates them.
Statements or descriptions of what should or should not be done that describes the rules, parameters or guidelines for performing the task.
Statements that express beliefs or very important and basic values for a business and/or group.
Basic standards or set of beliefs that shape behavior or influence choices.
The Principles represent pure knowledge and spiritual reality, but are uncreative and incapable of making new material, only of understanding what life offers. They remain in the unconscious mind during waking life, and are partially responsible for our dream life, coming to the fore after death, where the individual needs to understand and absorb the fruits of the preceding life before carrying on to the next life. The Principles are Solar in relation to the Faculties and are intrinsically hierarchical, unlike the Lunar Faculties. Between themselves, the two Solar Principles, Spirit and Celestial Body are permanent and represent the continuity between lives, while the two Lunar Principles, Husk and Passionate Body are impermanent, acquired afresh before each new life.
United States Government Principles for the Utilization and Care of Vertebrate Animals Used in Testing, Research, and Training. Nine principles that provide a foundation for humane care and use of animals in the United States.
The Merrill Lynch Principles are the foundation for our actions as leaders, colleagues, employees and citizens. The Merrill Lynch Principles are Client Focus, Respect for the Individual, Teamwork, Responsible Citizenship and Integrity.
underlying characteristics in the visual arts such as repetition, balance, emphasis, contrast, and unity.
A guiding sense of the requirements and obligations of right conduct. A characteristic form of composition or organization, a method of operation.
Paradigms & decision-making Conflict resolution, power issues Ecosystem function
one of the main modules in the course - Principles Of Effective Teaching And Learning
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See key principles.