Definitions for "Modules"
Modules extend the capabilities of Joomla giving the software new functionality.Modules are small content items that can be displayed anywhere that your template allows it to be displayed. Modules are very easy to install in the Admin Section. Joomla modules may include: Main Menu, Top menu, Template Chooser, Polls, Newsflash, Hit Counter, etc. Members of the Joomla Community are producing third party Joomla modules on a continuous basis. They are available on for free download.
The system applications displayed as menu options on the left handside of the Escendency system window.
Display state of detachable modules. See chapter on modules.
Photovoltaic cells or an assembly of cells into panels (modules) intended for and shipped for final consumption or to another organization for resale. When exported, incomplete modules and unencapsulated cells are also included. Modules used for space applications are not included.
Solar cells wired together to increase the voltage and/or current to the characteristics required by the application. Generally, modules for Hybrid systems have 36 cells wired in series so that the voltage is high enough to charge 12-volt batteries.
A posh word for containers, often used for individual cells in divided trays, but sometimes for any pot or container.
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Modules are also called nodes or devices. These are devices such as Genset Communication Modules (GCMs), Control Communication Modules (CCMs), and Digital Input/Output Modules (DIMs).
Special purpose units that connect to a CEBus or UBus communication node. Examples include a meter encoder, load shed relay, etc. (2)
Modules provides an easy mechanism for updating a user's environment especially the PATH, MANPATH, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables. It is the path maintenance device of choice at NERSC. To access a package (library or executable software), such as PETSc, users typically first run a command such as "module load petsc". More detailed information about modules is available through NERSC's online documentation.
Authentication modules are used to implement various site-selectable authentication policies.
Systems to be implemented in SCT Banner include the areas of student, financial aid, finance, human resources and alumni/development. These areas are often referred to as the SCT Banner modules.
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See OpenSTA Modules.
A module is a specially designed software application program that uses an input form page to create a web page. Users add and edit text, upload photos and publish to the Internet without having any knowledge of HTML coding. The module generates the HTML code to publish the web site page and tells the browser where to put the information on a page. Some of the module names are Fishing Report, Web Specials, Trips, Excursions, Event Calendar and Photo Gallery.
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Pieces of technology that give a distribution hub the smarts to route audio, video and data signals throughout the house.
Programs are often broken into many pieces, each piece being known as a module. Modules are dynamically linked to each other at runtime, and are the smallest pieces that a Code Server handles. Details.
See Blocks.
Herbal formulas that have limited properties and effects that are designed to be combined like building blocks to create more complex multipurpose formulas.
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These are part of the cams. On some bows these must be changed to change the draw length of your bow.
1) Small sections of model railroads designed for portability. Can be joined with other modules to form operating layouts. 2) Repeating patterns or designs.
A type of coil/spring used in foundations to provide support to the mattress and the bed’s occupant(s).
All courses are structured into a series of modules. Credit points are specified in each module description and detailed on course structures. You need to successfully complete 120 credit points at each level.
Course segments focused on specific interventions or procedures.
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a compiler and interpreter entity
In software terms, a module is a part of a program. Programs are composed of one or more independently developed modules that are not combined until the program is linked. A single module can contain one or several routines.
Modules extend the basic functionality of the Web server and support integration between Oracle HTTP Server and other Oracle Database components.
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Electronic boards (cards) that fit into a concentrator and serve a particular function such as network management of connecting wire of a specific type to the concentrator.