Definitions for "Occupant"
Any person in or on a motor vehicle in transport. Includes the driver, passengers, and persons riding on the exterior of a motor vehicle (e.g., a skateboard rider holding onto a moving vehicle). Excludes occupants of parked cars unless they are double parked or motionless on the roadway.
Any person who is in or upon a motor vehicle in transport, including the driver, passengers and persons riding on the exterior of the motor vehicle.
a thoughtform that thinks it owns the body, and is hindering a person's evolution
A person who lives in a dwelling.
a set of (application-) tables within the sysaux tablespace
Where the tenancy is held under a company lease, the company is the tenant and the employee is the occupant. The landlord's permission is required to change the occupant.
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A prostitute.
One who occupies, or takes possession; one who has the actual use or possession, or is in possession, of a thing; as, the occupant of the apartment is not at home.
One who takes possession of land and controls the activities going on there.
someone who lives at a particular place for a prolonged period or who was born there
someone who occupies a particular place.
The resident or residents of a premises to which utility service is provided.