Definitions for "premises"
The location where the insured building, appurtenant structures, and property described in the insurance policy are situated.
The name/number of each building within the thoroughfare.
A tract of land with its component parts (as buildings); also A building or part of a building usually with its appurtenances (as grounds or easements)
Physical location.
The location of property, as specified in an insurance policy.
a location where animals are kept and includes farms, ranches, auction markets and fairgrounds, as well as other sites
Sentences that form the basis for a piece of reasoning; the premises in an inference are supposed to support the conclusion.
the statements contained in an argument, excluding the conclusion
the property in (legal) question, usually in connection with ownership and legal responsibility the plaintiff's premises were completely destroyed by the fire allegedly caused by the defendants. not to be confused with premise (singular): the assumption underlying an argument
a slot was needed and drug Pittsburgh mobsters celebrity poker tournament back on to enjoy those four rooms and new casinos
A licensed club or hotel.
The "licensed premises" means the area from which the licensee is authorized to sell, dispense or serve spirituous liquor, as determined by the diagram on file with the Department. ARS 4-101(24)
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Shop or bar
the place in which a company does business: an office, shop, workshop, factory, warehouse, etc.
the entire property or facilities of the consignor, consignee, or other designated party.
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This is the space occupied by the customer.