Definitions for "Declaration"
The act of declaring, or publicly announcing; explicit asserting; undisguised token of a ground or side taken on any subject; proclamation; exposition; as, the declaration of an opinion; a declaration of war, etc.
That which is declared or proclaimed; announcement; distinct statement; formal expression; avowal.
The document or instrument containing such statement or proclamation; as, the Declaration of Independence (now preserved in Washington).
A statement attached to a Treaty by one or more Member States (or by the Conference which negotiated the Treaty) explaining its approach to a given matter. Though not legally binding, a Declaration carries substantial political weight.
A declaration is a notification by which a State clarifies the meaning or the scope it gives to a treaty or to a provision, or by which a State sets down the reasons for becoming a Party.
a general notification by which a country clarifies the meaning of a treaty or provision without claiming to exclude or modify the legal effect of a treaty
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Any property-value pair, such as color: red; or position: absolute;. The property is separated from its value by a colon, and the declaration is terminated with a semicolon. One or more declarations form a declaration block.
declaration is the most basic of CSS syntaxes. It binds a value to a CSS property. CSS declaration is style attached to a specific selector. It consists of two parts; property which is equivalent of HTML attribute, e.g. font-size: and value which is equivalent of HTML value, e.g. 10pt. Properties are always ended with a colon. declaration block contains a series of declarations. It begins with a left curly brace - ( and ends with the matching right curly brace - ). In between lie semicolon-separated (";") style declarations.
a collection of properties
That part of the process or pleadings in which the plaintiff sets forth in order and at large his cause of complaint; the narration of the plaintiff's case containing the count, or counts. See Count, n., 3.
a specification, in a methodical and logical form, of the circumstances which constitute the plaintiff's cause of action
A remedy for the determination of a justiciable controversy where the plaintiff is in doubt as to his legal rights. A binding adjudication of the rights and status of the litigants even though no consequential relief is awarded.
Also called Declarations Page, this portion of an insurance policy states information such as the name and address of the insured, the policy period, the amount of insurance coverage, premiums due for the policy period, and any coverage restrictions.
Information that the insured gives about the risk he wishes to insure, often, but not always, through the completion of a proposal form. For example, on motor insurance, the declaration would include make and model of car, name, address and occupation of proposer, and, as important, accident and offence history. On this information the insurance company decides the premium, and false declaration can lead to the policy being voidable.
The part of a policy that includes information such as the name and address of the insured, the property insured, its location and description, the policy period, the amount of insurance coverage and applicable premiums.
a block of Java code in a JSP that is used to define class-wide variables and methods in the generated class file
A specification of the type, name and possibly the value of a variable.
In code, the process of identifying variables or function calls before using them. In Visual Basic, only API calls, arrays, and object variables must be explicitly declared (unless you use Option Explicit, in which case all variables must be explicitly declared).
A document which originates a condominium corporation and which is registered on title to all property owned by the condominium corporation, setting out the originating rules, regulations and information about the condominium corporation.
(See Declaration of Restrictions; Restriction; Condominium Map)
a document that is sworn to by the United States citizen before a U
a notifiableinstrument
a definition unless it declares a function without specifying the function's body ( dcl
a group of (possibly) mutually recursive definitions
The SGML declaration defines which characters are used in a document instance, which syntax the DTD is written in, which SGML features are used, and so on. It is supposed to accompany each SGML document, although default to the one described in the standard may be assumed.
Declaration was released September 25 2001 by Steven Curtis Chapman. It has been certified Gold. The national concert tour that followed featured Nichole Nordeman as the opening act and traveled to over 70 cities in 2002.
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a cricket tactic in which the batting side decides it's set a target that it doubts the opponents can reach before the same number of players as it used are bowled out, and in the remaining time allotted for the game
in unlimited-over games, a decision by the captain of a batting side to stop batting and put the other side in to bat...usually done to allow enough time to win a game.
When the batting side ends their innings before all of their players are out
a construct that associates a name with storage that contains specified data or a specified type of data
a set of related fields, representing an bit of contextual information that has to be inserted in a Scope
A declaration is a language construct that associates a name with (a view of) an entity. A declaration may appear explicitly in the program text (an explicit declaration), or may be supposed to occur at a given place in the text as a consequence of the semantics of another construct (an implicit declaration). (12)
declaration - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
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a short email which is distributed by the EMO to the Eclipse membership-at-large stating that someone wants to start a project at Eclipse
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In high-low poker, declaring by the use of coins or chips whether one is aiming to win the high or the low end of the pot, or both.
Verbal showdown where prior to showing cards the players declare their hands. In a high-low split game, using chips or voice to indicate whether the player is going to play a high hand, low hand, or both.
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a component of a program that specifies its properties and structure. There are seven kinds of declarations: global, invocable, link, local, procedure, record, and static.
global declaration or local declaration.
A form signed by the proposer saying that the information provided is truthful
A declaration looks like a directive, but is not executed but conveys information about predicates about to be loaded.
an attribute that describes the properties of an HTML tag element
An instance of the declare element.
Outlines what constitutes the division of ownership within the corporation by detailing the common elements, the units and the percentage ownership each unit has in the common elements.
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See Tournament declaration.
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An order that a certain state of affairs exists.
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See Exercise.
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a complete logical unit of work
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a form of , which expresses
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the act of declaring an innings closed.
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