Definitions for "Chapman"
A dealer in small items e.g. haberdasher. At times a traveling salesman
United States pioneer who planted apple trees as he traveled (1774-1845)
A dealer in small items e.g. haberdasher. Sometimes travelling. Unh 1638.
A peddler; a hawker.
archaic term for an itinerant peddler
Chapman is a literary magazine based in Edinburgh, Scotland. In its long history, it has published many Scottish and international authors, including Iain Crichton Smith, Alasdair Gray, Sorley Mac Lean and Kathleen Raine. It is widely respected and highly regarded for its coverage of new poetry and short fiction, as well as its critical essays and reviews.
Chapman is a lunar crater that lies just beyond the northwest rim of the Moon, on the far side as seen from the Earth. It lies to the northeast of the Rynin crater, and southward of the large Poczobutt walled plain.
Chapman is a modern, model-view-controller based gui component framework developed in python, inspired by Smalltalk's VisualWorks framework.
Common term for slate originating from Pennsylvania characterized by hard veins bisecting the slate at an angle. This slate is particularly durable and should not be confused with ribbon stock.
One who buys and sells; a merchant; a buyer or a seller.
Operator of a warehouse; trader, pedlar, merchant
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A buyer/seller (often both) of various goods.
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See: Types of Play: Chapman.