Definitions for "gui"
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GUI stands for graphical user interface. In our case it is the graphical representation of the table, the chalkboard and the cards, which the player uses to interact with the game.
A program interface that takes advantage of the computer's graphics capabilities to make the program easier to use. Well-designed graphical user interfaces can free the user from learning complex command languages. On the other hand, many users find that they work more effectively with a command-driven interface, especially if they already know the command language.
Graphical user interface. A method of interacting with a computer system by using a mouse to point-and-click on graphic symbols (icons, glyphs or menus) which are displayed on the computer monitor. The GUI method allows the user to access software applications and tools with a minimum of keyboarding.
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Grafisk brugergrænseflade
Barbequed or grilled food, often cooked at the table over a burner or charcoal. Pulgogi or bulgogi, Korean style marinated barbequed beef, is the most famous -- and most delicious -- such dish.
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an ancient Chinese bronze vessel used to hold food in religious rituals
Chinese bronze vessel in the form of a low-footed bowl
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expensive; ( Tai Gui Le = Too expensive)
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gway vessel for food offering
Technique used to display information on a television screen or other display device in order to make the operation of some equipment easier or provide enhanced functions. TOP OF GLOSSARY
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Unique net-enabled GUI system based state of the art coding solutions with strong XML support.
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See System Manager.