Definitions for "Dialog Box"
Keywords:  box, prompts, modal, menu, window
An enclosed area displayed by a program or process, sometimes referred to as a window, to prompt a user for entry of information in one or more boxes (fields). Dialog boxes are used frequently in EIS.
A window that requires you to give some information or click on an option before you can proceed.
A type of window for accepting information or displaying a message.
Keywords:  rectangle, icons, gray, text, button
a rectangle that may contain text, controls, and icons
a simple gray rectangle containing a text message and a button for the user to click
a computer interface, while dialogue is spoken lines
a way to navigate around your local computer to look for things
Keywords:  holds, container, controls, set
a container that holds a set of controls
a form defined with particular properties
Keywords:  example, form
an example of a form