Definitions for "Icons"
The tiny pictures that represent actions or programmes, usually indicating facilities (within software) or pathways (on the web).
pictorial representations of programming commands
Little pictures that represent programs and files. You find them almost everywhere that you can access files or programs.
The Sacred Images of Our Lord, His Mother, or the Saints. Icons may also depict a sacred event. We cross oursleves and bow before venerating (kissing) Icons. Orthodox Christians have one or more Icons in the corners of the rooms of their homes.
a religious image which is the object of uncritical devotion
Representations of saints or biblical figures in paintings which are used for veneration. Early Renaissance and Byzantine icons were influenced and governed by dogmatic rules set by the Church regarding representations of saints or biblical figures.
Program to generate the Fractals presented in the book: Symmtery in Chaos by Michael Field and Martin Golubitsky
Icons is the fifth DC Heroclix set produced by Wizkids released September 2005.
For other senses of this word, see icon (disambiguation). For a list of icons for use on Wikipedia, see .
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IMNSHO Install Shield Internet Explorer ISP
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See glyphs.
allows you to print the message - allows you to add the message to your 'Post Reminders' box in your 'My Home' section - allows you to notify the Network Group Administrator of a post eg. if it contains offensive material - allows you to forward on the post via email
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plural of icon.
n/a Icons provide additional visual information to help identify frequently-used page elements. They are used throughout Web applications in a common places such as within global buttons, in tables, in legend or key notation, and with label/data combinations such as messaging. If needed Icon Guideline, Icon Repository
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for Dealer Locators and Yellow Pages placement, these are icons/logos that appear with the business listing that are linked to a URL of the advertiser's Website.