Definitions for "Benediction"
The act of blessing.
A blessing; an expression of blessing, prayer, or kind wishes in favor of any person or thing; a solemn or affectionate invocation of happiness.
The short prayer which closes public worship; as, to give the benediction.
"Benediction" is a short story by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, first published in 1920 in Fitzgerald's short story collection Flappers and Philosophers. It tells the story of a young girl, Lois, who is on her way to a tryst with her lover, Howard, and stops to meet her much older brother, Kieth [sic], who is in a seminary and about to become a priest.
Keywords:  somber, muted, guitars, quiet, singing
a somber opening track, with muted guitars and singing, and quiet drums
Benediction is a British death metal band from Birmingham. They were formed in February 1989.