Definitions for "Band"
A clearly defined range of radio frequencies dedicated to a particular purpose.
A range of frequencies. See bandwidth.
Communications: A range of frequencies within a given range or used for a specific purpose. Electronics: A colored mark on resistors or other components, indicating the rating of that component.
A number of musicians who play together upon portable musical instruments, especially those making a loud sound, as certain wind instruments (trumpets, clarinets, etc.), and drums, or cymbals; as, a high school's marching band.
a large group of musicians representing 3 families of instruments; aerophones, membranophones and idiophones
a large instrumental ensemble consisting of wind and percussion instruments
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A thin strip of metal which is placed around the back teeth with dental cement and allows brackets to be attached
A metal ring that is cemented to a tooth.
A simple ring of equal width around its circumference.
Each person attracts spirit entities who may attend them according to their needs and backgrounds. It is said bands may include: a master teacher, American Indian(s), a healing doctor, a guide, a gatekeeper, teachers, counselors, seers and others according to the personality attraction of the subject. It is generally accepted the guide may have the strongest relationship and may stay for the lifetime of the person.
As defined by the Indian Act, a Band is a body of Indians for whose common use and benefit lands have been set aside or monies held by the Government of Canada or declared by the Governor in Council to be a Band. Today, many Bands prefer to be known as First Nations.
a community of Indians for whom lands have been set apart, and for whom money is held by the Crown
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A fillet, strap, or any narrow ligament with which a thing is encircled, or fastened, or by which a number of things are tied, bound together, or confined; a fetter.
In Gothic architecture, the molding, or suite of moldings, which encircles the pillars and small shafts.
A linen collar or ruff worn in the 16th and 17th centuries.
In gel electrophoresis, a band represents the dyed or stained molecule you're interested in. In a sample containing two different sized pieces of DNA, there will be two bands on the gel in that lane. The smaller piece of DNA will move more quickly through the gel, so it will be farther from the well. Each band is composed of hundreds of copies of the DNA molecule of that length. (One DNA molecule would not be detectable.)
In gels and blots, bands are visible indications of a particular fragment of a certain size. There may be one to many bands per lane.
Lines of DNA which appear on gels. Each band contains DNA of a specific length or size.
A continuous tablet, stripe, or series of ornaments, as of carved foliage, of color, or of brickwork, etc.
A stripe, streak, or other mark transverse to the axis of the body.
a stripe of contrasting color; "chromosomes exhibit characteristic bands"
a close knit team that is injured greatly by an individual absence at a contest or concert
a pressure cooker and everybody's got to be on the same page for it to work
a team and everybody has to work together and make everybody else look good
Billingham Against Nuclear Dumping
a collection of people who claim the right to exploit a named territory The noise of quarrelling displeases the forest, and it is the duty of the older men to quiet it
a small, autonomous group of people (often as low as twenty, and never more than a few hundred) made up of nuclear families that live together and are loosely associated with a territory on which they hunt
a bar within a CoolBar
Flat metal bars connected to each end of the bearing bars of a metal grating.
A flat bar welded to a side or end of a grating panel, or along the line of a cutout, and extending neither above nor below the bearing bars Load-Carrying Band: A band used in a cutout, to transfer the load from unsupported bearing bars in the cutout to the supported bearing bars. Trim Band: A band which carries no load, but is used chiefly to improve appearance.
The cotton belt that drives the SPINDLE of textile machinery.
A paper construction used to package half-hose; usually coated with special pressure-sensitive textile adhesive.
A paper construction used to package hosiery; usually coated with a special pressure sensitive textile adhesive.
a rectangular area that stretches one entire axis
In mathematics a band is a semigroup in which every element is idempotent (in other words equal to its own square). The lattice of varieties of bands was described independently by Birjukov, Fennemore and Gerhard. Semilattices, left-zero bands, right-zero bands, rectangular bands and regular bands are specific subclasses of bands which lie near the bottom of this lattice are of particular interest and are briefly described below.
A young neutrophil.
an immature neutrophil released into the bloodstream to combat infection.
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an unofficial association of people or groups; "the smart set goes there"; "they were an angry lot"
a business and you as a group have to define what percetage of ownership each mamber has
a group of individual people brought together
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A belt or strap.
pewter strap
a steel strap with friction material bonded to the inside surface
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That which serves as the means of union or connection between persons; a tie.
To bind or tie with a band.
imp. of Bind.
The generic term for the actual band used in the AGB process, including both Bioenterics and Obtech (Swedish)bands .
a collaboration between CrisP, Daniel Klein and Ralf GUM
diffusion Henry's law meter rate equations valence shell electron pair repulsion (VSEPR) theory
A name (such as red, infrared, blue, etc.) or index number (one, two, etc.) assigned to each of the guilds of data produced by a multispectral device. Compare with channels.
The spectral channels measured by a scanning instrument; for example, band 4 for the GOES-9 imager is 10.7 microns (infrared). Also see spectral band.
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a lighter H zone
a narrow belt within one of the standard zones, e
a relatively brighter central region called the H-zone (from the German helle , meaning bright) in which there is no actin/myosin overlap when the muscle is in a relaxed state
Tabletwoven pieces are called bands, not braids. 'Braid' implies that threads lying next to each other are intertwined and cross over; this is not the case with tabletweaving. The threads in one card are not in any way woven into the threads in an adjacent card.
a reinforced concrete beam provided continuously through all load bearing longitudinal and transverse walls at a given level
the continuous layer of rubber that forms on a mill roll during mixing
band is formed when there is extended overlap of molecular orbitals in a solid, leading to many levels which have small separations, and which can be considered as continuous.
Horizontal chute ie adjoining regions in a horizontal line
a horizontal scanline region of a display screen
Printing : Horizontal portions of a page whose height depends on the size of the memory buffer of the printer device in use. See also: printer device
( Maki Kagari) -A pattern element formed by stitching and wrapping that circumvents the ball, creating a band of color (including any number of design variations such as weaving). One or more bands may be incorporated into a pattern. (D97; W43)
Like a mock turtleneck, this high neckline circles the neck.
To confederate for some common purpose; to unite; to conspire together.
Metal loop securing the two sections of the wooden stock together and to the shank.
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(Ger.) = volume
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a family, and so it would've been like most great TV shows, which are about a family that isn't a family -- from Star Trek to something like The West Wing
The set of all samples of one type in an image, such as all red samples or all green samples.
A visual deflection along a chromatogram's baseline, representing a sample component. Also known as a PEAK.
a layer of slate or stone interstratified in the seam of coal.
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To unite in a troop, company, or confederacy.
An incremental step for billing purposes usually associated with distance or geographical areas. While intrastate rate bands differ by state, interstate rate bands are fairly standard for most long distance carriers. Rate bands are usually expressed in miles.
a departure from previous releases
That portion of the closure that releases when the closure is removed from a bottle. The band is used for tamper indication.
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a lifeform all it's own
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something elongated that is worn around the body or one of the limbs
a restraint put around something to hold it together
Also called the body, saddle, or sides, it's the waist-like part of the lunch box going around between the front and back.
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a flat often profiled moulding.
The area between the opposing tablet cup profiles.The die wall forms the tablet band.
a military operation," Sarafina says
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a democracy, from dad I learned when to step back and let democracy take it's course, AND when to step up and show democracy where it should go
a SampleDimension, but I agree that the difference is a little bit arbitrary
( band). The least complex and the predominant form of social organization for most of prehistory. More Information.
A space between elevated lines or ribs, as of the fruits of umbelliferous plants.
instrumentalists not including string players
Selection of broadcast TV or CATV CH assignments.
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a positive gang, which is cool
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an idea, an attitude, a collective work that takes on it's own life
a real good idea and should truly be done
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Binary BREW
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A pigmented diagonal or oblique line.
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a merry DVD blend of live-action and full color animation
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Joist framing members at their perimeter. AKA Ribbon, head joists and end joists.
a companionship to use each others strong sides to the best
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One detector/filter assembly
To mark with a band.
pattern running around segments perpendicular to the body axis or more or less vertical markings on head.
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a class run by faculty and it shows
Launching A Launch party to introduce the band and its costumes to the public.
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a serious venture, and every person in it has to have a lot of respect for what he's about to do
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A type of hood trimming consisting of a piece of material sewn on to the inside or the outside of a hood a short distance away from the edge.
Type of print mechanism found on printer
a line across a printed image like the magazine page pictured here , and slows the printing process considerably
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Pledge; security.
an artistic enterprise, but it is also a business with business needs and problems
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To bandy; to drive away.
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Bandwidth Base Station
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a written agreement or promise.
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a practical thing
a set of controls sequenced from left to right across the form
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A bond.
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a natural kind of development
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a sum of all its parts
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a case in point
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see bond
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A company of persons united in any common design, especially a body of armed men.
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See pay band.
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see Banding